New Year - We’re Looking Good!

2019 is looking great so far for Plump Devs. Leukocyte has moved ahead quite a bit. We’ve both greatly improved our work process and Jelle has contributed code to the Godot engine! To much appreciation from the amazing Godot community. Godot is the engine we are using for Leukocyte and for those who don’t know it’s a free and open source engine that is splendid to work with!

At the start of the project, working with a new engine, we tried to do everything ourselves in code. If the engine was sentient it would be offended because doing that would be like a writer stubbornly insisting on chopping the wood, pulping it and pressing it into paper to have something to write on.

This year I’ve been able to work more with the engine as the node system within it lets me- a “I’m not bad I’m just inexperienced!” coder do things in a non cody way! (Visual editors.. yaay!) So I can also focus on what I am actually good at. Like… art!

That is one of the player’s new unique faces. And they are m-mad! I’ve fantasized many times over destroying cancer. I hate cancer. Violence in games and all the controversy through the years and the debates around it… I doubt anyone would ever say that it’s wrong to murder the heck out of cancer. Cancer is a universal hatred. The battle against cancer is one of the few wars that have no moral ambiguity between the fighters. Cancer is “the bad guy.” The human body is one of mother nature’s most complex machines. Autoimmune diseases, when our own bodies’ defenses turn on us, frighten me.

I’ve seen what they do. What happens when good cells turn bad, when our defenses fail, when good cells come out wrong. Cancer, disease… while it really can’t be destroyed like in a video game, as a child I would dream that they could. I dreamed that I could go into my loved one’s body and destroy that mysterious unseen hurt.

Leukocyte is a power fantasy to past me. We’re approaching the closed beta so now the exciting blog updates are coming!

Simone Bruhn

Being able to

I have ASD and ADHD. There are many things that I would not be able to deal with. Crunch, fratboy leadership, being treated as easily disposable, lacking employee rights and benefits... So when I said I wanted to make games - I was told I'd never be able to.

But I’ve been told that I wouldn't be able to do many things.

I've been told that I wouldn't be able to learn how to walk, talk, read or write properly.

I've been told that I wouldn't be able to finish school, hold friendships, keep a routine or manage the everyday adequately.

I've been told that I wouldn't survive past 25 definitively.

I’ve been told, treated and expected to fail at the very basics of life from the very start of that life.

And I tell you now, that they were wrong. So believe me when I then also tell you- that success can be had without exploitation or exhaustion.

Games allowed me a freedom of experiences I was often denied in life. I dreamed of meeting the people who created the world's I so often played in- and I wanted to make worlds with them.

As developers we need a workplaces that sees us as people. Management that cut their own salaries before cutting down the workforce. Executives whose yearly salaries are not higher than most earn in a lifetime. Work loads that doesn't treat us as ever-churning machines. Profits that rewards everyone. Regulations that protect us from exploitation.

Game developers gave children like me freedom. Now they need to be given that freedom too.

And that is something I can do- something we can do.


Simone Bruhn

Introducing Leukocyte!

When Good Cells Turn Bad

Leukocyte is an arcade game and our current active project! Leukocyte is a side-scrolling shooter that takes place inside the human body. You play as a white blood cell, attacking and destroying the most universal enemy in all of nature. An enemy all fear. An enemy you fear. Malignant cancer cells.

You are the human bodies first and last defense. This is your calling. This is all you know. Their numbers multiply while yours diminish. Your own allies might turn against you. The very cells you protect can corrupt and become another foe.

You are a acolyte of the world's greatest engineer, mother nature, protecting one of her most complex machines, the human body.

This is your duty. This is your responsibility. You are the one they call upon when good cells turn bad.

You, were made for this...

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