The developer with heart

Plump Devs is an independent game developer who values empathy above all else.

Plump Devs was founded by Simone Bruhn, an animator and writer with many years of experience managing fan communities and fan projects. Together with Jelle Hermsen, a programmer and software designer with over 20 years of experience as a project member and team leader.

Plump Devs values inclusion and trust. We seek out creative individuals whom the larger industry neglects, and give them the power to tell their own stories, with our experienced team as help. We believe that success can be earned without any intrusive or exploitative monetization practices and that respecting and maintaining players and employees trust and health is worth more than an extra nickel.

Plump Devs is a game developing company run by empathic creators and our goal is to create games that everyone feels welcome playing.

Because. You. Are.

Simone Bruhn

Simone is an animator and writer known for her incredible love and adoration for cats. Managing fan communities and projects for many years she learned the skills needed to care for teams' needs and ambitions. Being on the autistic spectrum, she understand how difficult it can be to succeed in a world not made for people like her. Simone’s personal passion lies in understanding and lifting up others- including letting people tell their own stories. Her long term goal is to reduce as many bars of entry into the game industry as possible.

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Jelle Hermsen

Veteran programmer and software designer with 20 years of experience leading teams and completing projects. Working in the tech industry and seeing many startups both succeed and fail, and having led successful startups themselves, they have the expertise to grow Plump Devs as a company. Being a avid fan and contributor to open source projects, a caring loving parent and human being, they share Simone’s passion for helping others soar above their station in life.

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